A major part of her work and creation links to tango.

Her first memories of tango come from her grand parents, « Papito and Mamita».
They left France for Argentina in the 1920’s years, to find fortune abroad.
They finally came back, but they transmitted to her, this beautiful dream and love that belonged to their life.

Dancing it, modelling, painting and writing about tango was not just a pleasure for Delphine as an artist, but it is also a way to reconquere this part of her imaginative roots.

Her work is inspired of the movement, the fusion and the emotion of the couple in tango.

Tango : works on paper

engraving, monotype, ink

Performances : tango, dancing, choregraphy

choregraphy, dance

Artist's books : zootango, Hommes, mode d'emploi à l'usage des femmes

artist’s books