“We were ceaselessly presented to the circle of evening guests, just like two monkeys proving through their dental similarity that they are really from the same mould.

We were the “and” and the “like”,
The “not like this”
The “nearly the same”
The “all-in-one”
The “not exactly two”, the “one on the side”, “the accessory”, the “subsidiary one”.
We carried all that.

We began our inescapable existence, trapped by the very nature of our birth.
We were twins. “

Text by Delphine Grenier 2016


Jumelles et doubles” is a work in progress. Through monotype drawings, prints and ceramics, Delphine Grenier develops the theme of the double: the real or the fantasy and also the tales. Whether it is “Zar”, the spirit which  Michel Leiris evokes in his work “L’Afrique Fantôme” or a real twin, as she is herself, Delphine Grenier plays on the ambiguity of resemblance or false resemblance, just as a twin would do, playing with or messing with the image of the double which the other brings .

“How does one become a unique being when one is born with a double of oneself?”

“Everything is the same in the house of a pair of twins: genes, eye colour, facial features.. They are however unique individuals.

Where is the reality, where is the truth?

Delphine-Grenier_Twin-girls-and-doubles_2018_01-engpdf Introduction to “Delphine Grenier : Twins & doubles”

Twins & doubles : works on paper


Twins & doubles : ceramic